2017’s Top-Notch Monitoring Software TheOneSpy Review

Monitoring software enables the end-user to track someone else’s activities performed on their digital devices. There are numerous monitoring applications readily available for the purpose of employee monitoring, kids monitoring and spouse monitoring. However, picking the best from the bulk can be a daunting task for a beginner. To help you get the best, we have reviewed here the best-selling tracking software TheOneSpy.

TheOneSpy is cross-platform software which supports mobile phones running Android and iOS and computers running Windows and macOS. It is particularly intended for parents, spouses and employers to watch out the computer and mobile phone activities of their children, significant other and employees. As well as monitoring, the software lets you control certain functionalities of the monitored device.

What are the Features?

The software offers a broad range of features including the rooted and unrooted features for phone monitoring and computers.

Monitor Internet Use

The employers and parents can monitor the internet use of their workers and children. It helps them ensure that their concerning individuals are not involved in unproductive or objectionable activities. The surveillance software shows you the time and frequency of visiting web pages and searching information on the internet.

Spy on Social Media Apps

The most popular social networking apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook can be monitored with the cell phone spy app. It also lets you spy on WhatsApp, Viber, Line, IMO, Skype, Tumblr, Telegram, Hike, Tinder, Kik and Yahoo messenger apps. You can spy on social media apps read the messages exchanged through these apps and photos, videos and audios shared via these instant messengers.

Monitor Surroundings

Surround monitoring is among the most advanced features of the tracking software. It lets you monitor the scenes and sounds in the vicinity of the target device. The app lets you convert the target phone and computer into bugging device by remotely turning on the camera and microphone of the devices. You can capture photos, record videos and audios without accessing the device.

Track GPS Location

The app lets you know the exact current location of your children and remote workers. Meanwhile, you can see their location history. Also, you can mark locations to create a virtual boundary around your children and traveling workers to get notified of their entrance and departure from those locations.

Read Messages

The cell phone spy software lets you monitor the text and instant messages of your target. You can remotely read the text, listen to the audio message, and see the photos, videos, emoticons and stickers attached to the messages. Also, you can get the contact information of the message sending and receiving parties.

Tap Phone Calls

The incoming and outgoing phone calls on the target phone get automatically recorded and uploaded to the spy app online account. You can listen to live calls and the recorded calls anytime and can get the contact detail of the caller and recipients.

Screen Recording

The screen recording feature lets you record the screen of target mobile phone and computer. You can see whatever appears on the target device in real time or on scheduled time.

Email and Keylogs

The app lets you read the incoming and outgoing emails of your workers without accessing their devices. The app also stores the keylogs of username, password, email addresses and other keystrokes applied to the target device.

Manage Phonebook

You can see the contacts saved on the target phone and can manage the phonebook by inserting new contacts and deleting unwanted contacts.

What are Limitations?

The monitored mobile phone needs to be rooted/jailbroken to support all spy features.

Which are Supported Devices?

  • Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola and other popular Android phone brands running Android OS 2.3 and greater
  • iPhone 3,4,5 running jailbreak iOS 7 and 8
  • HP, Acer, Sony, LG and Samsung computers running Windows OS 7, 8 and 10
  • MacBook, Mac Mini and iMac running Mac OS 10.5 and higher

What is Price?

  • Cell phone monitoring app costs around $35 a month.
  • Windows computer tracking software costs around $20 a month.
  • Mac computer monitoring software costs around $25 a month.


Of the tracking software presently available, TheOneSpy is found to be reliable and feature-rich software. It works in stealth mode and keeps a close watch on the computer and mobile phone activities of the targets without letting them know.

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