4 Amazing New Technologies of Surveillance Systems

Technology is coming up with numerous solutions to make surveillance systems more and more effective. While some are working to make cameras more powerful, the others are looking at how to make the video feed analysis easy and efficient.

Let us see some of the amazing new technologies that have or are expected to come up in surveillance systems.

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) is making its presence felt in all spheres and personal security is no different. Today AI is meeting the traditional surveillance practices through intelligent video analytics. Those surveillance systems that make use of video analytics can analyse the video footage in real time and can detect the abnormal activities brilliantly thus helping in averting any potential threat to security.
  • When humans are engaged in mundane tasks, their attention capacity is maximal for 20 minutes after which it starts to decrease. If a human has to concentrate on multiple items at one time, then this attention span decreases even more rapidly. Thus, pattern recognition and computer vision software are being developed, which alerts the human security personnel when it detects a certain suspicious movement or when it suspects an individual. This technology will definitely have widespread applications.
  • All good surveillance system manufacturers keep upgrading their systems and fixing the vulnerabilities as and when they arise. For example, Hikvision vulnerabilitieskeep getting fixed on a regular basis. Other than that, they also keep enhancing their video capturing capability to have a detailed panoramic image viewing.
  • Combination of Face, Gait, and Other Recognition Technologies is another revolutionary technology in progress. With the face recognition technology, a tab can be kept on known terrorists, criminals and spies. You can also identify an unknown face who should not be present in a particular or sensitive location. Similarly, a person’s gait pattern gets changed by any activity that changes the symmetry of the movements. So, this human gait recognition technology detects any asymmetric movement. For instance, if an individual is walking with a hidden object that is tied to an ankle or wrist, it will be immediately detected. The combination of these two technologies can work wonders in preventing the criminal activities especially terrorist attacks.

No one can deny the importance of surveillance cameras as a crime deterrent or as a powerful tool for solving crimes once they happen. This is exactly why we are finding the surveillance systems sprouting up in more and more places. Incorporating these technologies will make this tool of preventing crime all the more powerful.

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