5 Ways You Can Build Customer Loyalty On Amazon & Your Other Sales Channels

What’s your game plan for retention, loyalty and attracting die-hard Amazon customers in the long run?

Are you just scouting products and listing them, hoping to get into the Buy Box and using repricing software to up your level of competition?

Perhaps you also are running PPC ads and using handwritten product descriptions to take advantage of Amazon’s product ranking algorithms.

While these are all essential components to long term success, you’re still probably overlooking one of the most important elements: The customer journey.

Here’s how you can supercharge it.

Make Shipping Free

Recent studies by ComScore and UPS find that the number one most desirable amenity an online retailer can offer to prospective customers is free shipping. On Amazon, this is nearly a given: Stores that offer free shipping consistently get more sales than others that don’t.

If you’ve been hesitant to offer free shipping, get with the picture. View this as a marketing cost for moving each product. You’ll benefit from an immediate influx in sales. What’s more, customers will tell others. And even if you are not a Prime seller yet, free shipping is proven to build a loyal customer base.

Offer Hassle-Free Returns

Second on the most desirable list of amenities for customers is a hassle-free returns policy. Research finds that in about 65% of cases of online product returns, the merchant was to blame, not the consumer.

By making returns straightforward and easy, you’ll create an avid customer base. That’s because they know that if the product doesn’t work out, they can just send it back. A related Science Daily study found that this can increase your revenue by as much as 350% over just six months.

Create A Rewards Program

Build loyalty by rewarding your customers. While this can be easier said than done on Amazon, there are still some unique ways that you can go about it. For example, you can track customers and their orders, and send them emails thanking them for their purchases. Let them know that they get a “free” gift with every third purchase, and they will go ballistic.

This same prospect carries over to eBay and your other sales channels. With your standalone store, of course, you can just integrate a loyalty program that’s powered by a plugin of some sorts. Just make sure you don’t overlook the power of loyalty and rewards; it goes a lot further than you think when trying to create a loyal customer base.

Advertise Your Digital Coupons

Amazon allows you to accept digital coupon discount codes, and they make a great way for you to encourage customers to repurchase from your Amazon store in the future.

Create your coupon codes in the backend of the Amazon Seller platform. Respond to users in messages and deliver codes to the ones you like that are redeemable for savings on a future purchase. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to get more sales.

Improve Customer Relationships

Building customer relationships goes beyond just keeping them informed or following up on emails and sending newsletters. Creating a long-term loyalty and retention strategy requires that you also get to know your customers across all your sales channels, something that a cross-channel Amazon CRM can help you with.

By making small changes to your shipping and returns policies, and by improving the way you present special offers and discounts, youcan build customer loyalty on Amazon quickly. What’s more, this long-term retention crosses over to all the other sales channels that your selling on, leading to lasting improvements to your ROI.

And that’s a tune every online retailer wants to know.

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