Building the Best Business Website Possible

Building a business website isn’t what it used to be. Back in the true Wild West days of the World Wide Web, the effort to put on a respectable business website was relatively minimal. These days, in order to build a business website which is both competitive and cost-effective, companies need to have a comprehensive idea of the fundamental components of a powerful online presence.

Luckily for readers, we’ve outlined those fundamentals below:


By brand, what we really mean is domain name because they ought to be one and the same. Pick a good one. Easier said than done, especially in 2018 when all the good domain names are seemingly taken, but securing a decent domain name is still doable with a little bit of creativity, common sense, and luck. Once a good name is found, build the brand around it, not the other way around.


A lot goes on behind the scenes of a well-built business website. One of the most important of these backstage elements is the lead generation and conversion efforts. These are undertaken through the use of applications and software working in tandem with the site, such as exit popups. Most exit popup examples include windows appearing moments before a visitor is about to leave, prompting them to enter their email address into a subscription box. These and other measures will maximize the return on investment of a business website.


The colors, shapes, arrangement, and distribution of page elements of a website are the most noticeable of all its fundamental building blocks. It’s the website as the visitor sees it, and therefore must be optimized no differently than you would the floorplan of a store. The look and feel must encourage visitors to become buyers.


A business website can’t just look good and expect to serve to drive sales. It must help visitors who want to be customers actually get to that point.  This means ensuring the above-mentioned design results in a functional interface geared towards whatever the specific endpoint is for a business, be it a visit to a restaurant or purchase of a product.

Search Engine Optimization

The content found on a business website needs to be optimized for search engines. This remains a critical component of building the best business website possible and can be achieved by choosing certain words and phrases to use which are frequently searched in pursuit of your line of business.


A well-built business website will be the portal through which the majority of its revenue flows in one form or another. This makes it the perfect target for cybercriminals determined to break in and hold your website and data for ransom, demanding money as the only way to get them back. The appropriate action is to proactively fortify your business website with optimum cybersecurity measures.

Social Media Connections

Lastly, an optimized business website will be smoothly integrated with the leading social media services, those being Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Buttons and links will need to be established on nearly every web page for the opportunity for visitors to move to make a social media connection with the company. It’s an indispensable piece of lead generation no business can afford to pass up.

Long gone are the days where a business website didn’t need much more than a decent home page and easily found contact information. The modern business website needs to be augmented by a variety of tools and techniques to improve its strength as a sales driver.

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