Contentful as a mobile-based Content Management System

There has long been a need for a capable and flexible Content Management System available for mobile devices. While popular platforms such as WordPress and Magento offer some form of web-based application for managing a site from a tablet or smart phone, these are still less than ideal environments for editing content, either offering too many options or not enough, given the limitations of the screen size. Contentful is an entirely new conception of what a Content Management System should be, offering many flexible options, making it an ideal candidate for any project requiring a CMS, regardless of the device. This blog post will give some background on Contentful and why it’s a good choice for content management on mobile devices.


Contentful is rather different from traditional CMS platforms such as WordPress, Magento or Shopify, in that it is completely agnostic as to the type of content or devices it is intended for. In the case of traditional CMS choices, these are most typically aimed at websites or some form of eCommerce service. Contentful makes no assumptions or opinions as to how your content will best be displayed or the devices it will be viewed on. Instead, Contentful allows you to define different content types as their own components or modules, which can then be displayed on any device of your choosing, whether it be a standard web page, smartphone, tablet or even “Internet of Things” device. Contentful does this by providing RESTful APIs to deliver content to the desired device, rather than a set structure for how it will be displayed.

Contentful is a Headless CMS


Contentful is known as a “Headless” or back-end only CMS, in that it only provides the APIs for sending and retrieving content, rather than imposing the uses or formats in which it will display (i.e. the “head” or front end of a website or application). There are no default content types such as blog posts or products (although both of these content types are possible). Since Contentful is focused on “content delivery” it can be integrated with just about any platform, such as JavaScript, PHP, Android, iOS and a host of other options. No longer does a project have to be locked in to technologies imposed by the CMS.

Since content types will need to be defined for each project, it means the actual interface of the CMS will be vastly streamlined for the client or end user. No longer will one be bogged down with numerous choices irrelevant to the project, resulting in clutter that only leads to confusion and frustration.


Contentful is an excellent choice for any mobile-based project requiring a CMS, whether it be a responsive web page, eCommerce store, or native iOS or Android application. The flexibility offered by this headless CMS means being able to choose the right technologies for your project, allowing you to custom tailor the CMS to best fit your needs.

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