The Most Trusted Download Manager for Mac is Folx

Folx is the most appreciated downloader for Mac. The reason is that Folx is not only just a download manager, but it also has many features which are greatly helpful. The experts in Eltima Software with a lot of thoughts made up this app which is not only good but honestly brilliant.

The new release made this year Folx 5 is a complete redesign. It is eye-pleasing as it is retina-friendly UI.

Folx has plugins that can catch downloads from Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox though which the app takes the downloads. The splitting of the content to be downloaded is split and makes the process of download faster. The plugin works very fast, faster than most available today in the market. If you pause or your connection gets cut, your download starts from right there where it was stopped for disruption happened on the internet.

Supports Torrent

If you are a frequent torrent user, you would know how difficult it is to go on searching a file in different torrents throughout the internet. In Folx, you just need to type the file name you are searching for, and a list of files will be shown from different torrent sources. You then have to click the download button at the side of the link of the file which you want to download. Folx also has support for magnet links with torrent clients. You can also tag a download with multiple tags to make the file found easily in search.

Download Schedule

You can also schedule your downloads. If you are busy with your Mac and you need the full internet speed, you can preset your Folx such that it automatically starts downloading. If you are not near the Mac or somewhere else, you can set it such that the computer shuts down after the download is complete, or go to sleep mode, or close the Folx.

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