Two Quick Local SEO Fixes

Since Google’s move to the local 3-pack in 2015, it’s become even more critical to employ local SEO tactics. Doing so improves your chances of making the local-3 pack, and Google’s general local results. Keep reading for some proven steps your business can take to get there and stay there.

But, before you Google your business, don’t see it in the local 3-pack and conclude Google has left you out in the cold, stop and consider the possibility your business actually is in the local 3-pack. It’s not in the one you saw, but it may be in another one. The local-3 pack rotates. Depending on your physical location, or the location of the customer issuing the search query, it features different businesses.

If you live in a big city (i.e. New York, Washington D.C. or Chicago), you can test for this. Simply turn on a VPN in your browser which issues your computer different IP addresses that correspond to different physical locations in your city and issue search queries for the most specific category for your business.

Or, if you live in a smaller city or town, try driving to several different physical locations and issuing search queries. If your business pops at least once or twice, then no worries! Keep doing what you’re doing because Google is rewarding you.

If you still don’t see any results, you may want to take some of or all of this SEO medicine.

Check Your Search Category

When you are outranked by competitors, or simply muscled out of the rankings, look for the category or categories your competitors use. If the category or categories are different than yours, start using them, too. If you are using a bunch of categories, you need to stop. Google, like a person, gets confused when you throw too much at it. What’s your company’s niche? Stick to that category.

Your physical address

You didn’t misread that. Your physical address actually makes a huge difference when it comes to local SEO. When you share an address with a competitor (a competitor may be in the same building), you need to change it, if possible. This is especially true if your competitor is an older, more established business. Google may trust them more and filter you out.

And, a quick fix like adding a suite number won’t solve this issue overnight. Google only cares about the physical address.

Got that?

Check that your business fits into the perfect category or categories and differentiate your business from competitors by changing your physical address, and you will have a better chance of making the local 3-pack.

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